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    Little Chef Ivy

Hi! My name is Ivy

I'm a teen who is a little chef. I'm creating a movement of change in the way restaurants feed their kid patrons. I love to eat at awsome restaurants, but I found that when I was younger that I did not have a healthy choice when I receive a kid’s menu.

There are only 5 choices on many kid’s menus—You know the list!

Chicken Fingers, Burgers with Fries, Mac and Cheese, Pasta with Butter or Unseasoned Marinara...

Oh and once in awhile you will see a hotdog.

Well, one day my family and I were traveling and they didn't want to spend a lot of money on food for the kids, so all we could use was the choices from the kid's menus. By the end of our vacation, I was sick, bloated and not happy! I wondered, "why don't restaurants offer items off of the adult menu that a child can have without the adult price?"

So now I have decided to ask the questions that nobody is daring to ask!